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“Discover the harmony within as Mangalbhooomi’s Crystal Healing guides you towards wellness through the vibrant energy of nature’s gems.”

Mangalbhooomi’s Crystal Healing is a transformative journey into the profound world of crystal energies. Our experienced practitioners harness the power of carefully selected gemstones and crystals to promote holistic well-being. Through a combination of ancient wisdom and modern techniques, we provide a unique and personalized approach to healing. Whether you seek stress relief, emotional balance, or spiritual growth, our crystal healing sessions are designed to help you align your energy, restore harmony, and tap into the natural healing forces that these precious gems are believed to offer. Experience the tranquility and rejuvenation that Mangalbhooomi’s Crystal Healing can bring to your life.


Remedies of Crystal Healing


Crystal Selection

Choose crystals that align with your specific needs or intentions. Each crystal is believed to have unique properties. For example, amethyst is associated with relaxation and stress relief, while rose quartz is known for promoting love and emotional healing.



Crystals are thought to absorb energies from their surroundings. To clear them of any negative energies or previous imprints, cleanse them regularly. Common methods include using running water, burying them in the earth, or smudging them with sage smoke.



Once cleansed, program your crystals with specific intentions. Hold the crystal in your hand, close your eyes, and focus on your desired outcome. This can help attune the crystal’s energy to your goals.



Meditate with crystals by holding them in your hand, placing them on your body, or simply gazing at them. The energy of the crystal can assist in deepening your meditation practice and promoting relaxation.


Chakra Balancing

Crystals are often used to balance and align the body’s chakras, which are energy centers. Different crystals are associated with different chakras, and placing the appropriate crystal on or near the corresponding chakra is believed to help restore balance.


Healing Layouts

Practitioners use specific crystal layouts on the body to address physical or emotional issues. These layouts can vary depending on the ailment or intention.

Benefits OF our

Crystal Healing Consultation

Stress Reduction and Relaxation

Energy Balancing

Pain Management

Emotional Healing

Improved Mental Clarity and Focus

Improved Sleep

Chronic Conditions

Spiritual Growth